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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tornedalsbloggen --in English

For those who liked the book Popular Music from Vittula, here's an English language blog from the Torne river valley in northern Finland/Sweden. According to Google Translate:

This Haparandabo writes in the local newspaper under a pseudonym on local political issues and other irritations in the Torne Valley and has now taken the step to continue to speak out on the Internet with this blog.

While this is a general interst blog, the author has posted about Lars Levi Laestadius and the Sami people within the last few months.

I'll be watching this blog with interest!


  1. Another Lurker8/14/2009 08:21:00 AM

    I think this blog is quite interesting. I read the articles about the gypsy family. Very sad situation.

  2. That blog looks interesting....have just spent a short time on it.

    On another topic: Has anyone read the book "Isaac Polvi"? The handwritten manuscript was found years after Isaac passed away.. it's the story of his life starting with life in Finland, where he was left behind as his family began emigrating, his early years once he arrived in the US, and his struggles as he began a family. He eventually homesteaded near Ewen, Michigan..and near the end of his life wrote down his life's story! I loved it.

  3. I hadn't hear of it, but it sounds interesting, Norah. I've read "Roses in the Snow", written by a Bruce Crossing woman. I couldn't quite relate to her stories, though, because my family's stories seem so different. Also, I don't remember a single Finnish name in her book. I thought that area was predominantly Finn. But it was a good read. SISU

  4. I haven't heard of that book, Sisu..where did you find it? The Isaac Polvi book is interesting because the manuscript was discovered while his daughter was remodeling the farmhouse about 20 years after he passed away. Wouldn't you love to discover something between the walls of an old farmhouse? Must have been exciting! I think the original is preserved at University of Michigan archives, or something along those lines. His grandson actually had it published in the early 1990's.

  5. Sisu,
    You can borrow my copy of Isaac Polvi when you come over again. Be sure you remind me though because I will forget. I also have three videos made at Suomi University depicting life in the Finnish communities in the UP, that I will share with you. Your sister and I just chortled and snorted while watching them as they brought back many great memories of those old accents, etc.

  6. Sounds great, CVOW. Thanks. I hope we get to see you soon, too. I DO enjoy your company!

    And I don't need to pick myself off the floor. I know you are a compassionate guy. I just don't agree with some of your compassions!


  7. Fun that you like my blog.

  8. Haparandabo, thanks for visiting! :)

  9. I'll be back!