"laestadian, apostolic, gay, lgbtq, ex-oalc, ex-llc, llc, oalc, bunner" LEARNING TO LIVE FREE: February 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Do You Travel?

When I graduated from college, I took my first trip to Europe with a borrowed backpack, a Rick Steves' guidebook, and a head full of poetry. That trip changed my life, and I returned with a very different view of myself, my country, the world, and my future.

Listening to Rick Steves in this interview, I wondered if people who love travel are unlikely to remain in Laestadianism. What about you?

What role has travel played in your life?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Open Thread

Have any questions you'd like answered, or topics you want to discuss? Please fire away!

To start things off, here's a question from a reader:
I was wondering if anyone has any idea what the reasons were for the split in the OALC church in Minneapolis in the early 70s.