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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Highway One

View from Hwy One
Originally uploaded by Free2beme.
It was the ideal road trip: four good friends, perfect weather, eye-popping scenery, good conversation, splendid music (including U2, ColdPlay and Phillip Glass, with frequent requests for "Puff the Magic Dragon" from our youngest rider). This photo was taken from Highway One north of Mendocino. If you've never taken this road before, put it on your lifetime to-do list.

And thank you, readers, for all the interesting posts.


  1. Because the above describes some
    right-brained experiences and
    after being accused of being a
    right-brained moron in an earlier
    post I will include some of my
    own from a vacation in the
    Copper Country.

    Trolling for chinook salmon on
    Lake Superior at daybreak, lake
    smooth as glass, watching a
    magnificent sunrise.

    On a crystal clear night around
    a beach bonfire with family and
    friends watching the flickering
    green northern light display.

    On a similar night , lying flat
    on a beach blanket, marvelling
    at the vastness of the Milky
    Way Galaxy, one of the numberless
    in the universe.

    Watching 2 bald eagles swooping
    for fish guts on the beach. Talk
    about a miraculous recovery!

    And the list goes on.

    It is obvious from the comments
    on this site that women
    predominantly use the right brain
    while men the left. Ask any
    married man!

    U-2,Cold Play,etc.?
    Our generations are miles apart!

  2. Right, left, whatever! I enjoyed your reveries. Tomorrow we're going camping (far from the hydroplanes and BLue Angels, which as I type are roaring over our roof). Once past the hurdle of packing and driving there is the incomparable payoff: nights full of stars, campfire mornings, meandering hikes.

    P.S. Please don't hold my musical tastes against me, as I had a late start in forming them! I'm 44.