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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sing Along

Click above to listen to a Finnish hymn sung by Charles Karye and Lempi Luoma. Stir up any memories? Can you name that tune? (I love that laughter at the end.)


  1. Thank you for this clip. This hymn is written by Juho Rankinen/Ranginen and it's very popular among Laestadians in Finland.
    Here some history:
    "After the 1870's the Laestadians began to write their own songs. They first appeared as broadsheets, and in the 1880's, as larger collections.
    The most significant songwriters of the 1880's were Paavali Ervasti, Juho Ranginen and Gustaf Skinnari.

  2. I learned that one as a child, but only the first verse, and to a different tune!

  3. English translation of a few verses:
    1. Children here in grace abiding. Banish sadness from your hearts; We have reason to be joyful, With the love that God imparts.

    5. Law no longer can condemn us, From its bondage we are free, And our Father has forgotten our transgressions eternally.

    6. In our weakness we may falter,Fall in tresspasses again; Through His Son, our Heavenly Father sees us cleansed from every stain.

    Really, a beautiful song. If only folks would actually listen to the words, read the Holy Scriptures, and realize that ALL who believe are really free and saved! The work was DONE on the cross for all who will admit:
    He died. He rose again.
    I don't deserve it.
    I can't earn it.
    I can't buy it.
    It is free and it is grace! Verse 5 says it all....doesn't it?
    Just believe in Him, tell Him you are sorry for your sins and you know He is your Savior!
    Have a truly blessed day :)
    A fellow believer.

  4. my grandma always sang that song to me when i was little. Can anyone provide all the lyrics in english?

    1. In our congregation, there was a Finnish version of the hymn sung to two different tunes. There were also 2 translations, I started to type the 9 verses, but hit a wrong key and lost all my typing so i am not typing the translation but would gladly provide it if anyone was interested.

  5. I love this! It reminds me of sitting at my grandparents by the wood stove. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What happened to the link? This is my great uncle singing with his second wife and I would love to hear it!

  7. Sadly, the song was removed from this page: http://csumc.wisc.edu/node/39
    If anyone can persuade them to put it back, please do so. It was wonderful.

  8. Here's the contact information for the organization that put up those Finnish Apostolic hymns:


    If enough people contact them and explain its wanted, they might make it a priority.

    Believe the singers are from a Pollarite (IALC or one of its divisions) group.

  9. This is my great uncle!! I have tapes of him singing at home.
    Karen Magnuson Ormachea