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Sunday, May 22, 2005

False Fire

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In our garden there is a lapin cherry tree given to me many years ago by a girlfriend after I had a miscarriage. It is a big tree now, blooming every spring, fruiting every summer. It is not a symbol of loss, but of life. We usually let the birds have their way with the fruit, but this year I hung ribbons of foil from the branches to distract them (the ribbons flash in the sunlight and apparently the birds think the tree is on fire). Perhaps "false fire" is a metaphor that is applicable to the OALC. When we spend our lives fearing false fires, we are distracted from the spiritual food that will nourish us. To extend the metaphor, let us be fearless birds, not only eating the cherries but distributing the seeds.

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  1. Nice way to put a positive spin
    on the objective of this site and
    still keep it in mind!