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Friday, April 01, 2011

An Outsider's look at the ALC OALC

What do strangers unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Laestadianism think when they visit an Apostolic Lutheran congregation --specifically the Hockinson church?

Among other things, they might mistake it for the OALC.

Apostolic Lutheran: The Begotten, by Amanda P. Westmont. This documented visit is part of the blog A Year of Sundays whose tagline is: "we go to church so you don't have to." The goal of the site is to visit a different type of church each Sunday and write a humorous post about it.

See also the companion piece, A Brush Prairie Home Companion, by Joel Gunz

Why? "Because Baptists can’t have all the fun, Buddhists can’t have all the peace, Jews can’t have all the guilt, Jehovah’s Witnesses can’t all the apocalypse fantasies and Catholics can’t have all the cute altar boys."


P.S. Another post with a picture of the interior of the church. Also, apparently a visit to an OALC congregation is forthcoming!


  1. I laughed. A lot. And I loved the churchmembers' comments.

  2. LLLreader here: Playing the organ, men wearing ties--talk about the easier, softer way! That Hockinson church is mighty fancy compared to the Brush Prairie Church. I wonder what the reception will be when he starts taking pictures of the interior of the OALC? I'll be interested in seeing what happens.

  3. Yes it will defiately be interesting to see the outsiders opinion on the OALC. I was thinking the same thing about the camaras since I know that they are not allowed to take pictures inside of the church building!! Also they will probably be stared out like they are some unusual being from another planet. Some may try to be friendly and tell about the religious beliefs in an effort to pull them in to the fold, I mean how can one see the light, the true religion and not fall prey. The OALC is a shining example, a light onto the world. It is the truth, there is no other way. Teeheehee....

  4. LLLreader again: I am a big believer in people being allowed to worship in any way they wish--and to believe in whatever they see as devine. I'm a little uncomfortable with this idea of going into a church and making a judgement. On the other hand, it will be more then interesting to see the reaction. My own "agenda" with the OALC is to offer support to those that are stuck there without seeing any way out. I got out and have a wonderful life--and want others to know they can do the same. For people who are happy with the OALC--I support their choice, but I wish they could understand that it just doesn't work for everyone.

  5. The latest post, about Jehovah's Witnesses, sounds eerily familiar.

  6. Im looking forward to hearing what the outsiders will say about the OALC. They should try to secretly take some pictures of everyone staring at them. The congregation will be so happy to have someone from the world come and it will be the talk of the day in many a OALC home. Anticipation as to if the newcomers saw the fact that the OALC is the only way to heaven. Will they join the church and be saved? As a child growing up there it was always apparent when someone new came around... all eyes were on them. Would they repent?

  7. Yes! That's exactly how I remember it. Very few make repentence into the church but when they do it is the most amazing thing for OALC members. They will fully welcome anyone who does and fill your head with BS.