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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SRK admits serious mistakes in dealing with sex abuse

Thanks to commenter Xsa for pointing out this article, the most comprehensive English-language recap I've seen thus far of everything to do with the current SRK Laestadian sex abuse scandal happening in Finland:

Conservative Laestadians admit serious mistakes in dealing with child abuse issue – trust is gone in SRK

The responsible leaders’ excuse for keeping a very tight lid on hundreds of child victims and a myriad of perpetrators, who have not come to light, is “lack of information”. Anyone of the 24 members of the SRK board (they all are men) did not know anything.

Someone else could suggest “lack of freedom of speech”, too.


  1. I want to point out......this did not take place in the OALC in Finland. This was a different Laestadiaus branch. Very sad that this happened!!! Very sad that this was covered up!!!! I completely uphold the forgiveness of sins that is taught in the OALC, but when someone falls into something like this, they need to serve justice as well.

  2. The situation is very very hard and sad for thousands SRK- Laestadians right now. My regrets for them... Ordinary laestadians are usually not been
    informed the issues before. Or they have not considered true the news that have been in the media and Internet in two last years.

    The Finnish Minister of Justice Tuija Brax said today that she is shocked and very concerned about the extent of the issue. The Central Criminal Police has already started investigations on the SRK.

    One serious question is whether the members of the board are able to stay and manage the community of 35 000 official adult members (and 50 000 children under 18 years) during the ongoing police investigations. This discussion has not even started in the circle of Conservative Laestadians.

    It seems that the leaders don't have understanding the seriousness of the situation.


  3. There was a first case that was revealed in the end of 2009 in Laestadianism, in the Swedish speaking Laestadian group:


    "Swedish-speaking Word of Peace sect of Laestadianism, a conservative Lutheran revival movement that started in the middle of the 19th century."

    Is this a sister community of OALC?

    Thank you for kind information!


  4. Does anyone know if the SRK the same as the LLC in US/Canada?

  5. your question: "Does anyone know if the SRK the same as the LLC in US/Canada?"

    Yes, you are right. LCC is a sister organisation of SRK.


    Tina, Finland