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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Laestadian Women Sharing Wisdom

A friend sent me this link to a site called Prime On A Dime, apparently written by Laestadian women in Battle Ground, Washington. It features cost-saving advice for homemakers. While you can (and frankly, you should) question the nutritive value of the recipes, it is entirely wholesome that these women are sharing their skills with "the world," not just those in a like-minded community.

I might even try making my own (phosphate-free) laundry soap.

In this economy, I think we will find modern twists on taking in wash or boarders (as my grandmother did to make it through hard times). After seeing advertising on the website above, I decided to try it here. Let me know what you think. I've written this blog for many years now, and it hadn't occurred to me to make it a source of income. But hey, times are tough!


  1. LLLreader sez: Go for it Free. Why not? This blog has provided friendship, answers, support, and lovingkindness to so many over the years. For people who are fulfilled within the OALC there should not be any threat from this place. God bless them in their journey. For those that are starving within it's walls this place gives nourishment.

  2. Kiitos, LLLR. I really appreciate your support and your friendship.

  3. Thanks for linking our site from yours. We do have Lastadian background but we aren't from the OALC thus we aren't afraid of sharing with 'the world'. :) There are many Christians outside of the Lastadian movement- we understand that we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and Him alone! Just want to clarify... :) Hope to see you at our blog again!

  4. I understand the internet is considered a sin in the OALC. How is it that there are people ignoring the elders and blogging?

    -Christian by no other name

  5. Ex-falc says-

    This is why the OALC need to stop creating all of these manmade rules like no internet, no TV because then it makes them look like hypocrits to the general population. A better way to deal with life's situations is to live with things like a TV and internet in moderation. If you live this way, you are living in reality, not in a make believe dream world. The reality of life is that the internet is extremely important for business and the TV actually has a lot of interesting programs that enrich and open our view of the world. I was watching a special called "Lifting the vail" on CNN last night. It shows how muslim women are abused and killed due to the religious views of the people. Seeing those programs takes me out of my ignorant shell and reminds me that their is a world that exists beyond one church or one group of people. Even though I hate to think about it, a world with many problems that nobody in the OALC or any of these cult groups is helping out in any way.

  6. Ex-falc,

    I completely agree with you there! In my opinion, the internet is actually worse than TV, you can find whatever you want! The LLC has the internet in their homes, but still no Tvs..and they are constantly watching videos on Youtube, but since it's the internet, its ok? I still don't understand why it is ok for my little brothers and sisters to watch cartoons on Youtube, but if they were to come to my house and watch cartoons on TV, they probably wouldn't be allowed over anymore. ..doesn't make any sense at all! I agree that it's all ok in moderation. And it sure does open our view of the world!!

  7. Well, technology is just technology whether it is the internet or TV. It is what we do with technology that is the potential problem. We have to control technology. The challenge is that it not control us.