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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More News from BG

Here is a letter from this week's Reflector, written by an ALC member. Can we expect a similar letter from an OALC member?

To The Editor:

This letter is in response to Norma Lahti's letter last week.

It is sadly unfortunate that she has had to experience this type of behavior from people that call themselves Christians. I wonder if it is ignorance to the teachings in the Bible that cause people to belittle and condemn others. When man becomes followers of men and/or their own understanding instead of followers of the Bible, they can be quickly lead astray.

In Matt. 5:43 and 44, Christ says we are to even "...love our enemies...do good to them that hate you..." In Lev. 19:18, Matt 22:39, Mark 12:33 and many other places, God's Holy Word teaches us to "love thy neighbor as thyself." James 4:10-12, we are instructed to humble ourselves, speak not evil one of another. It states there is only one lawgiver and judge who is able to save and to destroy. James asks, "Who art though that judgest another?" Do we think that we are God?

Unfortunately, perhaps every church has a few that, I hope through ignorance), have fallen into this spirit of the Pharisee. I urge others to open their Bibles and learn of God's love. Christ died for sinners like all of us.

Norma should not judge all Apostolic Lutherans by her experience with one sect. Some of the Finnish Lahti's who attended our church were very dear to my heart, and we would welcome her.

Marilynn Christopher
Battle Ground, WA

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  1. It is interesting.
    That editorial is on the Reflector website, but I can't find it in my paper anywhere.
    Things that make you go hmmmmm...