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Friday, April 22, 2005

Another Letter

This letter to the editor was not posted online but appeared in the print version of The Reflector this week:
It's about time someone spoke up and I was glad to see Norma Lahti's tolerance in religion opinion article April 6, 2005.
She hit the nail on the head. These so called "Christians" insulting others, their youth smoking like chimneys and leaving their cigarette butts and trash in the parking lot between the Starbucks and Fred Meyer store. It's ugly and disrespectful.
I notice the parking lot to the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church is locked. Is that to prevent their youth from loitering and littering their own property? Okay to hang out, but they should clean up after themselves.
Children are the windows of their home and a reflection on their parents, their church, and their community. Time to get out the Windex.
Mike Mitchell
Battle Ground WA

Anonymous Smoker


  1. Thanks exoalc--noticed that the oalc member that posted first didn't come right out and say that "Yes, we are the only saved people on earth, the rest of you will burn in hell". Since that what they believe-why didn't he/she just say it? Well, it's because they would rather be a little coy about their "superiority" so as to appear "humble". Beats me how you can be humble and think you are better then anyone else at the same time.

  2. Mike- I appreciate your openess (and guts) to use your own name as I know you and your station in the community. I agree with you 100 % and i appreciate your editorial. I, however, can't post other than anonymously.