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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Light a Candle

Click above for a meditative retreat. Read below for an old, apostolic and even lutheran (but not OALC) perspective.
authentic christian spirituality is not about following rules, but following jesus and his way of life. so the core of our spirituality is not so much "what we do," as it is who we love . . .

within the context of our love relationship with god, expressions of that relationship come naturally. so in short, "spirituality is the way you live your life before god, through jesus christ, in the power of the spirit."

all of life is spiritual (play, work, rest, eating, being with friends or family, writing poetry, telling stories, singing songs, creating art . . . ) everything we do is an expression of spirituality as we direct those activities toward the god we love in jesus christ . . .



  1. That reminds me of a quote I read recently:

    "What's at stake in the question of God's character is our image of the
    Christian life. Is Christianity about requirements? Here's what you must do to
    be saved. Or is Christianity about relationship and transformation? Here's the
    path: follow it. Both involve imperatives, but one is a threat, the other an
    invitation." -Marcus J. Borg

  2. WONDERFUL quote from Borg, although I confess I don't know who he is--it sums up the whole issue we are dealing with. I have another quote--my grandson asked me what the Bible really is. I told him it was God's book. He said, "Well, let's flip through here and see what he has to say." That 3 year old knows what a book is for--. That wonderful Holy Book is for all of us to "flip through".