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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Journal of a Doubting Laestadian

The link above will take you to Ben Kilpela's "A Journal on Doubt," an interesting if somewhat bloviated exploration of his search for certainty. (Zut alors, another gabby Finn. And they say we're the silent type!)

Kilpela was raised in the Apostolic Lutheran Church, not to be confused with the OALC.

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  1. Well, thanks for the whack with that word "bloviated" (hah hah). I'm joshing you, but if you've read to any extent in theology or apologetics, you can hardly call my writing bloviated, anyway. Most books in the category are twice to thrice as long covering the same ground. Just discovered your blog. I'm sure I'll have a good deal of fun reading. I'm always regaling my friends with the weird ways of the FALC. I still have quite a few family members, most distant shirt-tale rellies in the church. I have left Chrstianity entirely by now. This took place some years after I wrote my bloviated book on doubt. The church I grew up in was "Heidemannian" after the early 1900s Calumet 6th Street FALC preacher Paul Heidemann. We called ourselves the FALC, the Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church. I've always meant to write about it on my web site, but haven't. In any case, thanks for the plug, even with the whack for good measure.