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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Mr. Laestadius

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This is the engraving I saw at the Nordic Heritage Museum. Soulful eyes, doncha think?

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  1. Can you please explain why you are posting pictures of Laestadius and the Elders? Laestadius was a great man with much God-given wisdom. He had a wonderful understanding of the Holy Bible which is evident in his writings. Have you read his books? I posted a comment on here at the end of the Shunning discussion.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    There are those who actually read the Holy Bible, and then there are those who define their view of the Bible on Laestadius' teachings. For the latter group, Laestadius was a great prophet whose words are considered inspired by the Spirit (and thus on par with Scripture... which is scary). For those of us in the former group, Laestadius teachings are at best confusing... Tell me, if you hold to his teachings, are you careful when you send your kids outside because you are worried they may get snatched by the earthlings who live under the earth (the unwashed children of Eve)? Anything that is so confusing is not from God. God's teaching is clear and concise; you don't have to muddle through the truth. Even if Laestadius had been a great prophet, the OALC teaches that you must hold to his teaching to be saved. The Bible says Jesus (ALONE) is the way to the Father.
    PS- I have EXTENSIVELY read Laestadius.

  3. I, too, have read Laestadius' books. Lots of his sermons and his other writings. He is not a great man with God-given wisom. He did NOT have a wonderful view of the Holy Bible. Have you read the Bible from beginning to end? If you had of, you would see he puts his own interpretation on it. He is a man from his biography who 'hated worldly women'. Hated? Wow. He also said that when he went into the woods he smelled death. I am an RN who worked with people in mental hospitals that would say the same sort of things. Not kidding here. Sorry, but this is what I read in his biography. Should I not say it because it will offend someone. They can choose not to believe it. He says in his sermons that Joseph of Arimathaea was a 'representative of natural meekness and dead faith'. God says he was 'just and righteous man waiting for the kingdom of God'. (Luke 23:50-51)Who are you going to believe? Laestadius or God? Joseph of Arimathaea was Jesus' uncle who took Jesus off the cross and put him in his own grave. The posting above this one is right on. God is not the author of confusion and Jesus alone is the way to the Father. We don't have to do all the other rules to get to eternity. We have to believe on God's Son only. 'WHOSOEVER believes on my son has eternal life'. (John 3:16) Again, does that sound like ONLY the Laestadian's? No Laestadian will ever reply to that. The Laestadian's are NOT the one and true way. Christ is and you find out how in His WORD!

  4. Laestadius was whacked. If he was around today, he'd be given lithium or something.

  5. And it also says "faith without works is dead" and dozens of other references that MUST be taken together and not singled out to find out what is the "key" to salvation.
    It is pretty simplistic to take one sentence and think that is all that you have to know.
    If that were the the case we would not have the Bible. Moses would have been given one tablet of stone,,and it would have been inscribed with your single sentence. Nice try. It don't fly!

  6. What ARE works? You obviously have the Laestadian interpretation of 'faith without works is dead'. Are we to take this post to mean that works are for instance, to look a certain way? God says, 'Judge not by appearance, but judge righteous judgement.' (John 7:24) So judging by appearance is not right to do. It is not righteous. It is not important to God. So appearance could not be a work right? It is a sacrifice and those were done away with after Christ sacrificed Himself on the cross for us. (So why do you do it? Look a certain way that is or are you a man who does not have to look different?). Faith without works is dead means that when you read His Word and know Him and love Him you HAVE to share it. You HAVE to as you can't help it. That is a work and one who does not share it, their faith is dead because you can't share what you don't know. They have their faith in something else like a 'religion' of man. Where are the 'dozens' of other references that support that one must do something else in addition to believing in God's Son? Back up what you say. Please list some and we can discuss them. Most Laestadians (me included when I was one) say, "It's in there somewhere. I know it." They then cannot find it and back up what they are saying and they just let it go and are content with NOT seeing if God really said it because they are LISTENING to what MAN says God says, not READING what God says. I don't think you really think from my postings that I only go by one 'sentence' and live by that. I will just believe that you made an error there. You say we have the Bible not just a tablet. What do you do with it?
    BOTTOM LINE... Our creator is GOD (not Laestadius or some man). Why would you NOT want to read what The Creator of the universe has to say? The Bible is HIS love letter to each of us individually. He died for us. Can't we all take some time and see what He has to say? Why are the Laestadians so resistant to that?