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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Time for Sunshine

Paris Achen, a reporter at the Columbian newspaper, is working on a story about sex abuse in Clark County, Washington, and would like victims to contact her. Their names and relationships will not be published. She can be contacted at 360-735-4551.

My understanding about what gave rise to this reporter's interest is her surprise at the number of supporters attending a hearing for a child rapist.

They were OALC churchmembers there to support him. Not the victim.

OALC Elders from Gällivare are in Clark County this weekend. Wouldn't it be beneficial if their attention was drawn to the harmful policies in the church regarding sex abuse? Their message to every locality needs to be: support victims, report abusers. If children are indeed a "precious gift," the fruits of that belief should be evident in how each one is nurtured and protected.

There is a sickness in the church that protects abusers.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. It will take more than publicity to stop the cycle of abuse, but this may jumpstart the process.


  1. "If children are indeed a "precious gift," the fruits of that belief should be evident in how each one is nurtured and protected."

    What a great line, Free. An excellent point.

  2. While it is shocking to hear of such behavior of supporting the abuser, those of us who have been in these religions can't be shocked. I am happy that a reporter is interested enough or sensed the unnatural response and is willing to research it.

    And, I am thrilled they are openly showing us who they are, believe them.

    I can't even imagine being the victims family....to witness this unnatural occurrence, to feel annihilated for standing by the child. Which is why so few will. They know it will be unpopular...and you will lose friends and family.

    I will be calling her. I can only hope others will be willing to share their experiences with her.

    While I get that many will withhold their names, and maybe even why, I believe it would be more impacting to really have some sunshine and stand in your real name. The only ones you protect by hiding your self is the abuser. Your power is taken back when you say your name.

    1. Thoughts and prayers to the brave victim.

      But i must address your last 2 lines about protecting the abuser and a victim regaining their power.

      A victim shouldn't be 'encouraged' whether or not to use their name. They should be encouraged to 'heal.' And usually while healing,

      they get the confidence to share their story, and perhaps if they choose, their name.

      And victims do not gain back their power that was taken from them by saying their name.

      A victim gains their power back by confronting their abuser.

    2. Healing is highly individual. I don't think there is a prescription that fits everybody.

  3. "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer-German Philosopher (1788 - 1860) Old AP

  4. Thanks for the quote it very much applies...we are entering the third stage.

  5. Unbelievable. We had one case in rauhanyhdistys where there were some people supporting the rapist - but even in that case, the great majority wanted to support the victim.
    Finnish believer