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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Footsteps to Freedom

"What does it take to move on when your entire life has been controlled by your faith?" Katie Couric interviews women who have left restrictive religious sects "in an attempt to break free and chart their own course for their lives."

In the last interview, she talks with the director of an organization called Footsteps that serves those leaving ultra-orthodox and Chassidic communities. Their website says those "who choose to enter mainstream America do so as new immigrants in every sense. They face cultural disorientation and isolation coupled with a lack of practical and marketable skills." Wouldn't it be great to have such an organization for former Laestadians?


  1. When she says, "my parents were really powerful IN MY MIND"....it shows me that in her mind and as long as she believed what they were saying, they were indeed powerful over her life.

    But, it also shows that most of religion is of the Mind.

    It doesn't matter what kind of ultra-conservative faith you were raised in, leaving will have the same adverse affects....where the learning curve to be empowered is steep.

    But, doable, and it is normal to lose your parents and family, when it has been a threat to keep you on the straight and narrow, they are only doing what they believe.

    It will feel like a death....and grief will be a real event, although the people are still alive. It is grieving the dream or ideal of loving caring parents, to see them become cold and caring less.

    Caring less about you and putting their faith first.

  2. "Groomed for marriage". Made me shudder. Its way to familiar.