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Monday, September 03, 2012


Any more questions for Hanna Pylvainen? You can email me or post a question in the comment section below. You need not have read the book to participate!

Also, a heads-up if you are in the Seattle area:

Friday, Sept 28
2 PM, Finnish Film. Kiellety hedelmä (Forbidden Fruit), 2009A teenage girl from a rural Laestadian community decides to break out and test her freedom in Helsinki. $5 donation. Swedish Cultural Center.

Happy Labor Day,


  1. I finished the book over the weekend. Very well done Hanna, I very much enjoyed it and I think it would be an intriguing read even for someone not of the Laestadian heritage. As someone who still attends the FALC and who grew up with Laestadian schoolmates (no close friends though, both groups were rather standoffish toward the other), I was fascinated by the parallels and differences between the faiths and how it impacts the family dynamic.

    I guess I have two questions. The first is regarding the plotline for the final chapter, I'm wondering if you can talk a bit about the inspiration for it, the historical research you did, etc.

    I'm hesitant to ask the second question because of the "real world" implications, and if you're uncomfortable answering I understand completely. But, I'm very curious how the book has been received both by your family and the Laestadian community (I know you're no longer a part of the LLC, but I imagine you have had correspondence with those who are).

    Thanks, and again Hanna I commend and congratulate you for your work.

  2. I have read the book and thought it was great. I don't have any questions but in my journey through the decision to stay or leave a song comes to mind and i thought it also fit with the book (although the lyrics need a slight change from "he" to "it" ("it" meaning the church)

    Here is the link to the song by Kelly Clarkson