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Friday, September 28, 2012

A Matter of Doubt

This week, the two co-hosts of A Matter of Doubt, “a podcast for atheists and people who are having doubts about their religion,” interviewed me about Laestadianism, the story of my initial questioning and eventual departure from the LLC, and some of the many issues involved. I really like the fun, conversational approach these guys take with their guests. They are very well-informed about the Bible and religion, and have some pretty interesting stories and discussions in their archive.

You can listen to the episode on the podcast’s website, download it, or get it via iTunes.

Another one I would recommend is Episode 20 with Chris Cherry, a brilliant and articulate, self-educated woman who left another “true church” group, the Keswick movement.


  1. Ed:

    I'll admit I initially blanched at the sight of an hour and 14 minutes worth of podcast (I'm a product of the Internet age, after all, and my attention span has been dangerously whittled by years of instant gratification). However, being a deep admirer of your work, I dove in and gave it a listen, and am immensely glad I did.

    Your story was compelling, at times humorous and others gutwrenching (the sermon excerpt was especially poignant). Your insights were, as always, pitch perfect. In short, it was a pleasure to listen to, and thanks once again for the work you have done putting to paper (an now, to audio file) what so many of us are unable to express.

    I encourage all extoots readers to give it a listen, and if you haven't already, read Ed's book. It's free, for crying out loud (though certainly donate if you can).


  2. Ed, I really appreciate your thorough approach to this. I enjoyed being able to follow your journey through your search for truth. I could relate to much of your conversation, especially about how difficult it was to actually leave, and in spite of everything you learned, how hard you tried to find a way to stay.

    It is so hard to allow any doubt to creep in, doubt that what you've believed all your life might actually not be true. Even when I had been out of the church for a while, I remember discussing the church with my daughter. And I said to her, "When you've lived with something like being told to you your whole life, it's almost impossible not to sometimes wonder and question...what if the church is right?" And without missing a beat, she looked at me and said, "Well, what if they're wrong?" It probably seems obvious, but it was a profound epiphany for me. Sometimes we just hang on without quite knowing why. But you worked through this so methodically, leaving nothing unturned. And here you have articulated that search so beautifully. It was a pleasure to listen to. Thanks so much for sharing!