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Friday, June 19, 2009

Extoots, the E-Book

Have you ever wanted to take this site with you to the beach, or somewhere you didn't have internet access? Have you ever wanted to be able to search the comments, or by author? Have you ever wanted to print out some or all of this site in a format better suited for paper?

Presenting, Extoots, the E-Book! :-) I've created a PDF e-book version of the entire site, available for immediate download at the following link:

View and/or Download PDF

This PDF is current as of January 12, 2010 10:00AM PDT

For any techies interested in the details, this file was created using WinWGet, EcoByte ReplaceText, and HTMLDOC.

Please direct all questions about this file to Tomte.


  1. I think you probably done something pretty incredible, Tomte.. the entire contents of a blog in pdf form. Impressive! I'll bet there are a lot of blog owners who would love to have their content available this way.

  2. This is a great idea !!! thks

  3. Link to the E-book now takes advantage of Google Documents hosting; you can browse and search the ebook online, choosing to download it if desired.

  4. yeh i don`t know what to say it seems dear brothers and sisters that the living christianty has left some of us with very deep scars.i know even for myself i find it painful to discuss with the youth and young ones that narrow path that one must follow is filled with so many pitfalls.i so often hear from my children how mean apostolic kids can be.i have also had many times when i have asked myself why can`t i be loved by my own family only to answer because of who i`am.this forum enabled me to express myself for that i thank you. as for marion halberg i can only hope that when i close my eyes for last and cross that bridgeless river i see her for i know i will not be judged by color of skin but by a loving god.i no longer live in fear of god,but rejoice in his love for me.this has been such good thearpy for me i feel like someone needs to start a 12 step program.loving salutations to each and everyone of may gods speed be with you till we meet again and remember me in your prayers as much as god gives me strength.

  5. When you cross over in death, you will see our dear Marian Halberg, she left a written statement of her faith. Be encouraged.