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Monday, September 10, 2007

Una furtiva Lagrima - Pavarotti


  1. I have only recently begun to enjoy Pavarotti's music. This video reminds me of a story about a singer I heard when I was younger. I can't remember who was telling it...but supposedly this guy had an excellent voice--opera quality--and he left the Laestadian church (I think it was in Finland) to sing professional opera.

    The story was that he lost his voice, and didn't get it back until he "repented" and came back to church, leaving professional music behind.

    When the elders were talking about it, they said something to the effect that anyone singing anywhere besides the church was doing it for the wrong reasons. (said in a scornful voice)

    *Of course I have since heard this story told about a Baptist singer, too. It could be one of those urban legends, do ya think?

    So children listening to this were subtly indoctrinated, and they learned that if they were to wish to do anything like this (music, performing, leaving the church), they would be thought about and talked about in a similar manner.

    It's sad, isn't it? Pavarotti had such a amazing gift. His voice displayed what God is capable of creating. Simply sitting here and listening to the YouTube version of his song gives me goosebumps.

  2. Our friend Garrison Keillor wrote a good article about the passing of Pavarotti. "When tenors sing, it's about tragedy and despair and glory". "The great tenor stood and sobbed in our behalf, all of us who don't weep so much and when we do it isn't particularly artistic". "With men there's no grandeur at all, just some groaning and precipitation and you sit in a dark corner until it passes". "He died at 71, leaving one small child. This was his tragedy at the end. All that money and acclaim and a great career to look back on, but what he wanted was 10 more years to see that kid grow up. Dear God, give us more time. The heart weeps at the thought". LLLreader

  3. Jimmy Cracked Corn.

  4. My sisters and I were recently discussing the topic of music. What instrument do you wish you had learned to play? one sister asked. I wish I had done more singing, I replied.

    Joining high school choir was discouraged, so elementary music was the last of my "formal" learning. I deeply regret that. I have always enjoyed singing, but abandoned it years ago.

    Ah, regrets...

  5. We all have regrets about the things we were not allowed to take part in while in the "Church". Enjoying music was a big one for me. While the only instrument I can play is the radio, I very much regret not being able to openly enjoy listening to music, going to concerts, et.
    Now that I am away from the oalc control, I can now really see how much my life was controlled by them. Such a waste!

  6. As a member of the IALC, music was not discouraged at all. I know many who were in high school choir or band. My brother participated in show choir, which had some choreographed "moves." I even know people who are majoring in music in college, and I have a cousin who is pursuing an MFA in musical performance. I know a few others who are doing the same, and hope to play for a professional orchestra upon graduation. That being said, most of us were excused from dancing in PhyEd, or at least most of my siblings and my cousins due to religious grounds. I know a few people who play in semi-professional music groups as well. One heads a country music band, but he won't play at bars or other venues which serve alcohol. I personally am tone deaf and although I enjoy listening to music, can neither sing nor play any instrument.

  7. In the LLC, music except their own church music and classical, is not accepted. Most stuff accompanied by voice (unless it is thier hymns) is suspect, but that depends on who you are talking to. Even classical artists such as Josh Groban are considered wrong. Any pop music, country music, etc is taboo, regardless of the subject of the song. You can play an instrument as long as it is orchestra (violin, viola). You can't play anything like drums, trumpet, saxiphone, it's to jazzy. I can't really see the danger in it all. I'm not sure where these ideas come from, except maybe that you might get the urge to dance, which is considered wrong too. It's too bad people denied the enjoyment and pleasure of listening to different types of beautiful music, instead of the sloooooooooow paced church music, with only an organ for accompaniment.

  8. Yes, I agree. Music provides so much enjoyment. Why would God create us with the capacity to enjoy it, only to forbid us to listen to it?

    And dancing? I remember having to excuse myself from gym class when they learned square dancing. In fifth and sixth grade, nothing was more embarrassing than having to get up in front of everyone when I found out that we were dancing that day, and to go tell the teacher that I couldn't participate.

    Like we weren't strange enough already.

    I think the first time I took dancing lessons, I kept half-waiting for the devil to take over my body and twirl me into a foaming-at-the-mouth frenzy. That was the story going around when I was a child. Silly, I know, but the feeling was there nonetheless.

    But I had so much fun. Learning to salsa dance or swing dance is like putting a puzzle together. You have to figure out all the parts, and then put them together in the right order! And I haven't become a "loose woman" because of it. Au contraire.

  9. I remember having to leave gym class when they learned dancing too, it was very embaressing! Then all the other kids would ask "why can't you dance?" or when they'd find out we weren't allowed to listen to music other than the church music or classical, then they'd ask about that too. I agree, we stood out enough already without having to leave during dance!

  10. Is it any wonder one of my favorite movies was "Footloose" :) "...and there IS a time to dance!"

    I can remember when my son was little he would jive and hop in time with the windshield wipers :) Of course I asked my mom why he would be born with rythem if dancing was a sin? She said because our flesh is of the devil, and we are born of sin. Hmmmm...

    I still think he was cute and free and that there IS a time to dance. (And we also sat around the laptop and watched YouTube videos of Pavarotti -it gave us a culteral experience to go along with learning the language.)

  11. I always wondered why dancing was preached against so much. I don't think the majority of them have even tried it. They speak of dancing in the bible......I think as long as your dancing modestly and not provacatively. I can picture Jesus dancing! I haven't had lustly pleasures overtaking my body when I danced, imagine that! But each to their own, eh!

  12. Where is everybody? Does nobody read this blog anymore?