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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Building Memories

First, a shout out to "exoalc," who I had the pleasure of meeting today, along with her splendid children. Our time together was too brief, but we felt like old friends, having shared the past two years online together. (Thank you, ex, for being a brave truthseeker.)

Every now and then I do a google search on the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church. Yesterday I was surprised to discover an online article about a synagogue, Bet Shalom, in Minnesota. Turns out Bet Shalom bought a former OALC-occupied building in Hopkins and stayed there 17 years before building their new facility.

Now the old Hopkins OALC building (described as long and narrow) is home to an Anglican group called Church of the Cross.

Shiver me timbers. When Bet Shalom took over the former church, they reportedly removed crosses and stained glass windows.

Doesn't sound very OALC, does it? Is anyone familiar with this building?


  1. Hello, free. I'm home, and more than a little exhausted from the long drive.
    I, too, wish we could have spent more time together. You are a lovely, brilliant, articulate woman and it is a pleasure to know you. My kids were more than a little impressed by the modeling clay, and I was grateful for the diversion on my way home.
    I have more thoughts to share, but right now I need to spend some time with my neglected husband.

  2. I went to the OALC church in Hopkins as a young Lad....many, many great memories.
    *Snowball fights with all my brothers and cousins
    *"Hookie Bumping" in the Alley beside the church
    *6 nickel candies for a quarter at the snyders up the street(kept me awake during Laestadius)
    *Sunday School Classes: I can still remember the easy teachers and the stern ones who were sticklers on reciting the catechism
    *Playing mumbly peg and chicken with pocket knives outside the church- (it amazes me that we were allowed to throw knives at each others feet)
    The great memories are bringing tears to my eyes...thanks for posting about this building Free! It is much more than bricks and mortar to me. I haven't been a member of the OALC for many years now but I have so many beautiful memories from that time of my life as an OALC member in that big, brown, brick building in Hopkins, MN.I drive my kids by it occasionally to reminisce.

  3. Thank you, anonymous, for that wonderfully evocative post. Some kinda childhood you had there . . . hope my own kids get to reminisce like that!

    What is hookie bumping?

  4. An interesting fact about the Hopkins church... my mom told me that when we were little they had a smoking nursery.
    Guess baby could get nourishment and Mom could get her nic fix at the same time.

  5. exapostolic refugee from bushistan9/03/2006 02:35:00 PM

    there was recently an article in the helsingin sanomat kuukausiliite about laestadians. not sure if any of you former bunners can read finnish. in all it was pretty interesting, focusing on the laestadian flair for procreation. also mentioned how teevees are prohibited, internet isn't, women can have permanents, but can't wear makeup. you can't drink, but cigarettes are okay. wish i had a link for you.

  6. Hookie bumping is something we would do in the alley beside the church. We would run behind a car grab onto the bumper and "ski" in the snow until the car pulled onto the street. This would work best during meetings after the night service so the driver didn't know we were attached, I remember me and my cousins rolling with laughter...I can still smell the exhaust fumes...