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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Just Plain Weird

Two stories I've heard recently:

An OALC churchmember saw two people in church who sprouted horns.
An OALC nurse related that she was told by a dying patient that she was going to heaven, and his relatives to hell.

And one that I read in "Fragments":

When LLL was giving a sermon one day, he personally witnessed a blackbird on the saloonkeeper's shoulders, picking out the words of the sermon.

There's a lot I could say about the above, but time is short, so how about "that's just plain weird."


  1. Not sure I understand about the OALC nurse. The nurse was female, and was told by the dying patient (who was male) that the nurse was going to heaven, but that his relatives would be going to hell. Was the patient also OALC. I wonder if there was a wrong pronoun in here. Or maybe I'm just not understanding.

  2. This is hilarious, because the person who supposedly had the horns is my husband. A friend of ours wanted to check out the church... so they went.

    There was another guy there who was Indian or something... not a member of the OALC. Apparently, he was a coworker of someone who had invited him. My husband and his friend struck up a conversation with this guy, and an entire crowd of people gathered around them. The guy was asking them questions, so they recommended he find a healthier church.

    After they heard about the horns rumor, they called one of the preachers, and he told them it was the Indian man who had "seen horns" on their heads. Not sure why they believe someone's testimony who is not even a believer in their eyes.

    You said it. Just plain weird. They need such things to reinforce their system.

  3. As I understood it, the nurse was female and OALC. The dying patient was maie and not OALC. The hell-bound relatives, presumably, were worldlies.

    Hmmm. No doubt lots of dying people curse (literally or figuratively) their relatives. And no doubt a few of them think their deathbed nurses are (literally or figuratively) angels.

    BUT why is this story being retold? Because some OALCers apparently need to think that an old misanthropic heathen with clairvoyant powers actually saw beyond the pearly gates and with his last gasps confirmed that yes, yes, the only tickets getting punched belong to the OALC.

    I guess those superiority complexex need constant affirmations. Even when they're just plain weird.