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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Write to Evald Larsen

Anonymous below wrote:
"I certainly understand why a face to face meeting with Elder Larsen isn't in your plans for the weekend . . . but if you don't make contact with the Elder, it may seem to the preacher you spoke to that you backed down from the challenge because you weren't confident enough about what you were saying to go "as high" as the Elders with your comments. Give Larsen the truth!!!"

Let's do this together, readers. Post your personal letters to Larsen as comments below and I will print them out and FedEx the package so he gets it Saturday.

Perhaps together we can make a difference.


  1. PS- free2beme.... I do want my name on the letter when you send it :). Your partner in crime (or in Christ... to them it's one and the same).

  2. Dear Evald Larsen,
    I’ve often thought about writing to you. My hope is that you will read my letter and work to make things right in the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church here in America. I left the church almost three years ago. I was raised in the OALC, and you know my parents and some of my siblings well. My purpose for writing to you is to share my experience. Perhaps you’re not aware that some church members are disillusioned and some have left. Though I did not leave for reasons discussed here, I left out of frustration with the preaching, the focus on outward appearance, rather than true spirituality, and a myriad of other reasons.
    Abuse is a problem in the OALC. The first step in dealing with any problem is to recognize there is one. In my more than 40 years in the OALC, I never heard child abuse, spouse abuse, sexual molestation or rape, mentioned or preached against directly and strongly. These are sensitive subjects, they are real, and they need to dealt with forthright. This is a mistake the OALC makes. It’s easier to dance around the subject and hope everyone gets the message. While one or two preachers here in America will bang their fists on the altar while preaching about women’s hair, they tiptoe around serious social problems such as abuse. It is impossible to break through the OALC wall of defense. Does it have to take lawsuits or possibly newspaper exposure, and people willing to identify themselves in public?
    Ten years ago I brought this subject up with my brother, an OALC preacher. My efforts were in vain. He claimed the OALC preachers were doing all they could. I disagreed then and still do now.
    Abuse should ALWAYS be reported to the police. No church should protect perpetrators and predators. No family, no spouse, no sibling, no one should protect them. Not doing so puts victims and others at risk for further abuse.
    Though I am not a victim myself, I have heard through conversations with other OALC members that victims have been encouraged to forgive their perpetrators, that minor victims have sometimes been advised not to tell their parents, and that preachers have told victims and parents of victims not to report the abuse to the police. This is not right. Parents must be told; they have an obligation to protect their children and punish the perpetrator. Victims should be advised to report the abuse to the police so the perpetrator is punished.
    It is possible victims are afraid to speak up in the OALC because they’re not sure they will be heard and defended. Dealing with abuse in a clear and forthright manner will encourage victims to do so.
    If my child or me were a victim, I would be on the phone from one coast to the other, with every congregation in between, to warn people and have my story heard. I would not listen to the preachers. In fact, I wouldn’t even go to them. I’d go straight to the police.
    It would have been refreshing to hear the OALC preachers speak on this topic. I know OALC parents who are convinced it’s okay to let their children visit at other OALC homes, but not at “worldly” homes. This is not smart. There are predators everywhere, and it behooves OALC parents to be careful here.

    Signed, A Former OALC Member, Wife, and Mother

  3. Websites are informative. But who among the ex-members are willing to go in to the OALC churches and declare the truthor at least to individuals. Or who among you is willing to hire a deprogrammer to rescue those you love from the bondage of this cult? I know, I was rescued, from a different cult.

  4. I might be too late here but I am on a trip and just read this. I would like to say to Evald that I agree with the above letters here. Something needs to be done. These people need to be reported to authorities and it needs to stop! You men who are in places of authority need to use that authority where it is needed. You also need to get the Laestadians into God's Word. free2bme, you can use my name as always!

  5. Hello, all.
    I posted a page on my website http://oldapostoliclutheran.com about child abuse. I welcome all feedback.
    Keep on praying, everyone. God is faithful.

  6. Thank you to the anonymous angel who delivered the letters to Evald. If he responds, please let us know.

  7. In case anyone is wondering, Evald Larsen had no response about our concerns and experiences within the OALC about sexual abuse.