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Monday, November 22, 2004


Thank you, readers, for your comments, emails, personal stories, and OALC-related links. Oy, so much to read. But that's my passion. I studied literature in college just so I could read more books, and credit my tv-free childhood for propelling me there. (From cereal boxes to Reader's Digest Condensed Books, I read because there was nothing else to do.)

Yesterday after church we took the kids to a Yulefest, which turned out to be a clamorous three-story craft fair, with kringle, ebelskiver, accordions -- and a lot of pale people in claustrophobically tight quarters. But among the knitted whatnots, I found some Nordic books, including one on shamanism among the Sami. That should be interesting.

If anyone knows of other books featuring Laestadius or Laestadians, please let me know.


  1. I concur; having a childhood free of TV certainly had its benefits for me as well. I escaped into books as much as possible. Then, when my eyes were opened to the truth of God, I began to read as much upbuilding material as I could get my hands on.
    However, looking back, I am amazed by the images I got from reading anything an everything I could check out from the library at a very young age. I would never let my kids read some of the graphically sexual and violent content I was exposed to in ignorance. Nor would I let them watch it on television. They love to read like I did, they just have a little more supervision....

  2. Caring and attentive parents not only minimize their children's exposure to commercial, violent, profane and explicit garbage (which permeates our culture) but create opportunities for great literature, music, art, science, nature, etc. Attentive is the operative word. But how can a parent be attentive to a dozen children? It's easier, I suppose, to focus on compliance (no tv) than on character-building.

  3. I've grown up in Battle Ground, Wa - my entire life. I've went to school with this religion for 10 years. I've hung out after school on ocasion with families that belong to the church.
    Is anyone fimiliar with this area?

  4. I attended church there and have many relatives there. Do you have specific questions? Would be happy to help.