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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Liv & The Little Boy in the Red Sweater

Two new books are available, both about child sex abuse in Laestadian families. One is in from Norway: Den mørke hemmeligheten i Tysfjord (The Dark Secret in Tysford) by Anne-Britt Harsem. If you can read Norwegian (or know how to turn on translation), read today's compelling news story and interview with "Liv," the book's subject.

In English is a book by Carl Huhta, familiar to many readers for his gentle wisdom at the Messy Guru blog. Carl's book is called The Little Boy in the Red Sweater and is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. He writes:

My intention is to help others that have been traumatized by sexual abuse and other life-changing experiences. It is raw, honest, and it demonstrates that the pathways to healing can come from unexpected traditions like yoga and meditation.

Bravo, Carl. May your words give healing and courage wherever they are read.

(Whether or not his topic is relevant to our circumstances, let's all give homeboy some love and buy a copy, share the link, and leave a review. It's the least we can do.)


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  2. Punahilkka said, "I understand some major themes include sexual abuse, estrangement, toxic patriarchy etc." Toxic patriarchy is an interesting comment.....AND TRUE! At one time I remember children's Sunday School being halted as it was considered too sinful as women had taught in it. Then when the sentiment changed and it was finally reinstated I recall that the women were banished from teaching. As I got a little older I started seeing a prevailing attitude that women should just 'stay in their place' which was never really defined. Most of the women just accepted it as they did not want to fall from their social standing amongst the church members. In contrast I was amazed as I knew of this one wanna-be speaker for example, who had been quietly confined to a mental institution as a stark raving lunatic, yet his followers were constantly pushing for him to be elevated to the pulpit. The dichotomy struck me as I realized that seemingly any man who talked a good line of religious malarkey was considered spiritually enlightened whereas any woman who said something worth listening too spiritually was considered dangerous. One women out in Brush Prairie, Washington was practically tarred and feathered for wanting a church choir. What is so bad about having a church choir to sing praises to God or having and organ? The silence to the question is deafening...! Estrangement from the community or one's parents is bad enough. Howeever, I realized that rapproachement with most members was not possible given that the church members I talked to were silently looking at me as some one who should and would burn in hell for apostacy. Old AP

  3. All true, but if we we're expecting a group devoid of drama and problems we would already lost the war with Sataan. Which we cannot fight of our own reason and strength anyway. I pray Pietist/Lestadian type church denominations hold up a few more generations. It is really therapeutic to have such a warm open interactive church group like Old Apostolic Lutheran Apostolic Lutheran and Lestadian Lutheran. Thank you Jesus. The bible is the authority on this stuff though. Other sheep he has not of the sheepfold. Prayers everybody. Love