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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Child Rapist Sentenced to Life

While not mentioned in the article, this serial rapist was raised in the Laestadian faith, whose doctrine of forgiveness has been discussed many times before on this site and many others.

I hesitated to write this, knowing the victim and his family must be eager to move on, but readers of this blog will know why silence only serves abusers. I salute this boy and his family for pressing charges and protecting other children. I hope they inspire others to do the same.

Sex offender sentenced to life in prison

Man convicted for two counts of child molestation

By Emily Gillespie, Columbian Breaking News Reporter

Published: April 14, 2017, 9:05 PM

While sentencing a Spokane man to spend life in prison without parole for raping a 9-year-old boy, Judge Scott Collier said he was waiting to hear one thing from the defendant. But he didn’t hear it.

“I hear nothing of remorse on your part,” he said.

Remorse wouldn’t have mattered, however.

Carsie J. Tikka, 38, already had one class A sex offense on his criminal history and because of the Persistent Offender Accountability Act, Tikka’s recent conviction comes with a mandatory life prison sentence.

The case began Jan. 6 when Vancouver police were called to Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center to pick up a sexual assault kit. Officers were notified that the victim had told medical staff he had been raped three times by Tikka between Jan. 1 and Jan. 5, while visiting a residence in northwest Vancouver, according to a probable cause affidavit in the case.

Tikka was reportedly a friend of the victim’s family.

In an interview, the boy said the first time something happened between him and Tikka was when he was 8 years old and that Tikka had molested him on more than one occasion, the affidavit said.

The case went to trial in February in Clark County Superior Court, and Tikka was convicted of two counts of first-degree child rape and two counts of first-degree child molestation, all with aggravating circumstances for abuse of trust. Aggravators allow a judge to sentence outside the standard sentencing range.

Tikka’s criminal history includes attempted first-degree child molestation, communication with a minor for immoral purposes and attempted voyeurism, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kristine Foerster said.

She called Tikka an “egregious danger to society.”

“The defendant is exactly the type of person the persistent offender act was created for,” Foerster said.

When given his chance to address the court, Tikka read a list of issues he had with a presentencing investigation report, at many points claiming that the person writing the report had lied.

He also read excerpts from the Bible, saying that his sins have been washed away, before offering forgiveness to nearly everyone in the courtroom for lies and vindictiveness, including the judge.

“I pray that you retire and give up your robe to someone more deserving of your title,” Tikka said to Collier.

Once Tikka was done, Collier addressed him.

“I think these comments are reflective of why the legislature has done what it has done,” Collier said, in respect to the persistent offender act. “You clearly by your statement here are not remorseful. You put the blame on everyone else and take no responsibility.”



  1. Amen, he was sent to prison!

    1. As a Christian we should feel pity for him, instead of thinking, he got what he deserves.

  2. Tomorrow will the court case of Tysfjord start.
    Tysfjord /Narvik, in northern Norway
    Sexual abuse of children for decades, in OALC community.
    More than 50 cases in a small town with 1 900 inh.
    Please follow the case at

    God's blessing with every Child in this case.
    It's the first OALC case followed by several Child organisations around many countries.

  3. "He also read excerpts from the Bible, saying that his sins have been washed away, before offering forgiveness to nearly everyone in the courtroom for lies and vindictiveness, including the judge." Some of these Laestadians still have a type of magical thinking actually believing that there is no accountability to anyone as long as they are "forgiven" in their church. It looks like the same attitude is prevalent in Norway according to the 'Anonymous' poster. I did hear surreptitiously during my sojourn with Laestadianism, of a number of child abuse and sex abuse cases....and this was many years ago. There were also cases of sibling sexual abuse too. One outside commentator succinctly stated, "The Laestadians have all the problems that the non-church people have. The only difference is, is that the Laestadians deny it and do not talk about it." Having known the childhood history of certain people, my belief has long been that those who have been traumatized by sex abuse or were the traumatizers themselves were often the most dogmatic and/or fanatical of members. That might be a good question to ask of a Pharisee who is getting on some one's case: "So at what age were you molested?" I bet their silence will be deafening. Adults who get thrown into prison for child molesting are considered pariahs in jail and they often have a change in attitude once they meet 'Big Boy' in prison. Not a pleasant experience. Old AP

  4. That sentence is very hard and reflects the idea of punishment and revenge and isolation, even the whole community and the environment bears the true responsibility. In the long run, it comes very costly for a country, to practice social policy with the means of penitentiaries.

    1. Given that recidivism rates are high, and lives are ruined by people like this, what do you think justice would be? What is the responsibility to keep a community safe?
      As a Christian, I believe that forgiveness exists, and I pray for his soul, but that does not excuse him from laws and justice.

    2. I do not believe, that putting people for 40 years behind the locked doors, is the best solution to bring safety to the community. When almost everyone must have a arsenal of weapons in homes and cars, maybe that describes something.
      As for this specific case, I do not know what did really happen, how serious these criminal acts are. I have been told that there are alternative for a long punishment like this, among others therapy and chemical castration. A Dead Faith Minister

  5. Even in America penitentiaries are the last resort. Our crime rate is high for a westernized country because we are the most Balkanized with so many ethnic and socio-economic sub-groups that do not value hard work and morality....at least not in the Judeo-Christian sense. Coupling the problem is that we no longer have a unified concept of good behavior and our moral code is frayed. Work is considered a four letter word in many communities. Blaming the "community and the environment" for bad morals and behavior has been the last ditch effort of leftists who refuse to recognize the role of personal choices and their ensuing repercussions as reasons for personal failure. No system is perfect but in general one reaps what one has sown. Old AP

    1. Well, what kind of morality there grows up, if everything is valued in the terms of money?

    2. It is understood by those, who are not leftists, but broad minded and human persons, who understand, that environment and community creates criminality and unmoral behavior. It is called a structural violence towards an individual. The lack of equal rights and social security and poverty leads to conflict with the society. That is why in many countries it has been taught, that it is better to try rehabilitate persons than put them for 30 years into a penitentiary.
      There is a proverb in my country: "A tief of a turnip shall not be hung", that means if the person was hungry he did not make a crime. In a country of hard values, with poor social security and equal rights in real life, there is an alternative which seems to be almost an obligation, private fire arms, alarm-systems, guards, private premises surrounded with high walls barbed wire on top, etc. A Minister of the dead faith.