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Friday, July 08, 2016

Only Love


  1. I work only blocks away from where Philando Castile was shot down and killed by a police officer. The proximity has led me to contemplate race and attitudes that used to be more common among church people and the rural society where I now live. I am happy to note that there has been significant progress, but apparently, there is a long way to go.

  2. Would anyone believe me if I said that the Laestadians are the most non-biased Christian group in the world and that their only concerned was with a person's soul salvation? Old AP

  3. I recall that there was a generalized feeling in Laestadian circles that non-Laestadians and in particular non-Finns were considered to be incapable of understanding the Laestadian concept of 'living faith'. In addition, most American Laestadians still have a strong work ethic where the adults basically 'live to work' whereas in many other cultures people 'work to live'. In addition, most Laestadians are by definition conservative politically whereas many mainstream Americans are not. So there is quite a cultural gap between American Laestadian Finns and some of the ethnic minority groups in America. Old AP