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Monday, January 23, 2012

Laestadian Woman Takes Hope from Perm's Spiritual Status

"According to Rebekka Naatus, changes are afoot within the group. Female Laestadians are increasingly coming to believe that their bodies are their own and they do not wish to spend the best part of their lives simply producing and caring for children."

(Does anyone else find it a little sad and a more than a little humorous that chemical hair treatments (perms) are even DISCUSSED in spiritual terms?!)


  1. I remember my mother's reaction to my first perm. O.M.G.

    And I honestly think it'll take longer than twenty years before people are willing to let go of that. Interestingly enough, I have heard about it more from men than women. Surprise.

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  3. From what I remember the social caste of Laestadianism liked simplicity where everyone knew their place in the pecking order. (Maybe a psychological throwback to old Finland where everything had to be the same). For men it meant working in logging, farming commerical fishing or a mine in the early 1900's (my grandfather worked in a Copper Country mine for example)and in the late 1900's one had to work in construction. For women it ALWAYS meant getting married early (or end up being labeled a vanha peka) and having lots of children. IMO it all seems like a recipe for a pretty drab emotional existence. Seems like some women are starting to question things as in, "...what if all this cultural rubbish we grew up is not true? You mean I gave up everthing for this....?" A terrifying thought indeed! Old AP

    1. You know, its always so interesting to hear people's take on issues. I have a large family, and life is far from easy all the time. I have been chosen to be mom to a lively little bunch. I guess I've viewed birth control and abortion this way. Who is a human being to say, sorry God, i know better than you do, and i am not allowing you to created life. I believe its the highest form of female macho to control who lives and who dies. God have mercy on those that hold these beliefs, and God grant me strength to keep my little ship floating along. I get so tired sometimes. But i never ever want to be counted among the crowd of women who with selfish, me first, thinking, stand against God, the creator of LIFE. Don't be duped, young moms and girls. Choose LIFE. Let the silly,selfish world roll on by. You are raising the men and women of tomorrow. Trust me, if Jesus, John the baptist, Noah, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Patrick Henry, George Washington carver, ect, had had moms who had chosen instead to raise poodles or gerbils, alot of stuff would have been alot different. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Keep the faith, mamas, hang in there! Nothing personal against the person who posted. Just think their opinion stinks.