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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Judy's Blog

A new blog by an ex-FALC member went online this month, Finding My Way ...Finding My Voice

Only a few weeks old, she's already posted about Laestadianism, the Sami, and sexual abuse.

Reading Judy's posts was a good reminder for me that people are still leaving Laestadianism every day.

I wish Judy well in her journey.


  1. Thanks for sharing another person's exit into healing. I loved your post Dated April 30th. I posted it on my blog.
    www.imperfectlady.typepad.com I am another FALC who has left her religion. I have been blogging about my experience with abuse for 2 years, but have left over 6 years ago. Our voices unite and share a common tune. Cult and Abuse. Thanks for speaking out.

  2. If you are waiting for the leadership of the FALC to stop the sexual abuse within the organization and from their ministers......think again. I recently contacted the Chairman of the Board of the FALC in Houghton, MI about sexual abuse and his response in part (from an email to me):

    "Neither the Mission nor any individual congregation has any power or control
    over any individual person or their action."

    So, please go and report abuse or get help for those without a voice. You are not alone.

    Carl A. Huhta
    Dallas, Texas

  3. For anyone dealing with abuse by a clergy member, I recommend watching "The Silence" which aired on Frontline. It's available to watch online.

    - Sarah