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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Leaving LLC Made Me Who I Am

I've been reading a new (at least to me!) blog by a former LLCer, Freepathways. I enjoyed this post in particular, so I'm passing it on:

Leaving LLC made me who I am

It is interesting to notice how alike experiences people seem to meet in their leaving processes related to any branch of Laestadian revival movement, or any other fundamentalist and strict group. It is nearly unbelievable that even the details e.g. the inequality of social interplay and structures in the local congre-gation, experiences of shunning and being intimidated are precisely similar in Finland and in the US. Also aloof parent-child relationships and tendency to leave home very young in early adulthood in the Laestadian families are identified on both sides of the Atlantic.



  1. Enemy of the souls doesn't want that you repent. He wants to get you with him. He wants to keep you with him in the World. But remember when living in the world, you can't find peace from there. Because Godless people doesn't have peace. God says so.

    I have once been in world. But now I'm believing. I thank my God about that. I wish repentance also to you.

    from Finland

  2. Ive been in the world for 25 years and I have found much peace and beauty in it! There will never be complete peace anywhere on earth though. . But kind words and smiles, people who listen and care, people who are willing to discuss feelings and openly debate issues to open my mind. I grew up being so closed off to even thinking for myself let alone trying to see anything from anothers perspective, I was so blind. I was taught to feel bad, like a worthless sinner, and that would mean I was a good christian! It meant that i had the faith and peace For a few minutes after asking for forgiveness, but I had better start feeling bad again soon or I would not be a good Christian. It was absurd and depressing. Made no sense. Feel bad, you are a sinner, unworthy and so low... but you are the best of the human race because you were born into the one and only group that is going to heaven. Life on earth is supposed to depressing in the OALC. not peaceful.

  3. Finnish poster: From which group(s) are you suggesting that we all repent? There are 7 different groups from America besides the LLC. Are you suggesting we repent to your group, or another group where we might have been from? Just curious. I know the group I am from thinks they are the only true believers left in this world and its not your group, this I know for sure. I am happy to repent my sins, I have many, but I am not sure to whom I would repent to since I don't know any LLC people here.

  4. ex falc says:

    From finland- Repent to what? Following the gospel of the forgiveness of sins? I've repented to following the bible without man's (laestadius's) interpretation. I am at peace now that I have left the laestadian movement that I was raised in and taught to believe.

    As for living in the world and not being at peace? I live in the world and am at peace. You're living in the world too. The only difference between you and me is that you think the world is everyone out of your LLL church. I could look and act the same way as you, even believe the same as you, but because I choose not to have membership in your church, you would consider me of the world. That's sad. I choose not to judge the world, I look for the best in people, and leave the judging up to god.