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Friday, October 01, 2010

Laestadian Sex Abuse Scandal Update

The following short article appeared the Helsinki Times a few days ago:

Leading Laestadian figure arrested on suspicion of abuse

Apparently an unnamed person holding a "position of trust" within the SRK has been detained on suspicions of sexually abusing a child.

There isn't much in English on this news story as of late, but if I find anything else I'll post it here.

Hat tip to the Laestadian-ism blog for this story. See their site for additional links in Finnish.

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  1. Mika, I meant to tell you this before, but your site is virtually impossible to post to. I have given up. Not sure why.

  2. The ex-leader of Espoo congregation in Finland is now convicted of a sex abuse for 4 years in jail, and the younger man (his son?) for probation of 1,5 years; both of them must also pay indemnity about 40 000€ total.

    The two girs did not get any help in the family and in the laestadian community, but they gave the report to police as adult and after leaving the laestadian congregation.

    According to the media, the man had asked forgiveness the doughter (she was 7-11 years during the abuse) every time after raping her.

    As we know, the laestadian doctrine says that it is forbidden to unveil and tell anyone anything about the forgiven issues.