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Friday, September 24, 2010

Laestadian Leaks?

Can any of our Finnish speakers enlighten me on what this site is all about?


Google Translate from Finnish to English is not helping me much, although the title and some of the content seems tantalizing....


  1. It's some documents connected to the money allegedly paid by CIA to the LLC equivalent in Finland, SRK, which is the biggest Laestadian group in Finland. I have heard rumors about that before, but I was never interested enough to really find out what it is about. Some people say money was paid to them by the CIA, while other people say it's just a lie. Don't know what they did with that money or had to do to get that money, if they ever got any money.

  2. Some of it appears to be minutes of elders' meetings regarding current issues, including the sexual abuse allegations that were so prevalent this last spring. They talk about forgiveness, but also that crimes must be reported.