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Monday, March 08, 2010

Under Construction

Everyone now and then, things need a spring cleaning, including this site. Please be patient as Tomte looks under the hood and reconnects the wires. It will all come back soon.

Meanwhile, here is an interesting article on Scientology and the cost to those who leave it. Makes me sad and tired just thinking about it.

How about you, readers? Do you find yourself more, or less, sympathetic to others who "stepped in some dogma" (so to speak).

Or does it vary, depending on the person and the dogma?


  1. I am currently reading "The Future of Faith" by Harvey Cox for our Lenten Book Study. I was surprised to read in chapter 10, about the Pathos of Fundamentalism, that the conflict among churches over the issues of inerrancy, etc. was very common during the period of the OALC break-up. Churches split over nit-picky things, and the entire chapter sounded somehow familiar. This was very eye-opening for me.

  2. I read the article on Scientology, and it was pretty interesting. I can't think of any other religious groups that seek to "recover costs" in this manner.

  3. I find myself more sympathetic to those who are questioning, searching, wondering, beating themselves up, scared, torn and all the rest of the baggage. I want to listen, share and encourage.

    I find myself so much less sympathectic to those who are so self assured and insist on holding on and waiving it around... I think I need to work on remembering that that may or may not be a facade; but I have no patience or sympathy to meet them where they are in that place. Im fine politely letting them rant (either skimming over the words, ignoring them all together, or in one ear and out the other I must confess) and dont like the arguement of voicing my opinions unless they express a desire to listen. Sad and tired are good descriptions. Tired of the whole thing and willing to let it be in the past.

    I dont think its where I should be with them, but its where I am right now. I havent decided where I need to go with it as it doesnt come up much and I dont feel the need to drag it up and go back there.

    Life is good and Im enjoying going forward :)

  4. Thanks for commenting, Sisu and hp3. I read something about "seething with patience" recently, about allowing oneself to have the impatience, the "tired of it" feelings, even the anger. To allow onself to seethe .... without judgement or action arising from it, while patiently allowing those emotions to pass (and those who aroused such emotions to fade). This seems like such a great way to exercise compassion for oneself and others.

  5. I just found this site. I came into the OALC from The World when I was in college, was firm in my faith for years, and then realized I had to own the fact that I am gay. I never left the church and I refuse to live a lie. I have a different perspective on the OALC now, less steeped in the dogma and the indoctrination. Aspects of it still work for me, some not at all. As they say in 12 Step programs, I take what I like and leave the rest.

    I am glad to see others who have distanced themselves some or completely. I look forward to being part of this community.

  6. Didn't know where to post this, so this'll have to do.

    Happy Easter everyone! Christ is risen, Alleleuia, Alleleuia! I went to Mass tonight with my daughter. I am truly blessed.

  7. Welcome, On the Fence.

    I remember the years I attended another Apostolic Lutheran church and the speakers preaching that one could not remain "on the fence" for very long, one would have to decide to be all the way in or all the way out. It took me 20 years to leave, and in fact, I am still in the process leaving at its a painful process. As I was born in the church, 98% of my family is in, and at the moment, I am not on speaking terms with any of them.

    I would imagine you are still in the closet. You might be interested in reading the Gay LLC'ers blog as linked on this site. We lost Marcus a few years ago but he is never forgotten.

    --Stranger in a Strange Land

  8. Welcome, On the Fence. Feel free to suggest a topic or two or three. This site isn't always active, but we're here for you.

    Just curious, did you hear about this site from other OALCers or by searching the web?

    (To cvow, glad you had a wonderful holiday. Have you moved yet?)