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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Difference Between Singing and Joiking

Thanks to Stranger for this link!


  1. Does anyone else think it sounds like how they sing in church?

  2. I heard she is a great grand daughter of Lapp Mary!!

    I think she is ready for Idol!!!

  3. I definitely sounds like the singing in the OALC!
    It is great to hear the joik!


  4. Here's another youtube video that shows a group singing one of the most well-known joiks, Deanu Maija:


    Sorry I don't know how to link this properly. This sounds so much like a Laestadian hymn I wonder if the tune has been used in another song? Anyone?

    I was going to post another of two lovely young girls who were joiking for a Swedish Idol contest--LOL--but I cannot find the link.

    --Stranger in a Strange Land