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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Open Thread

Okay folks, I'm off to the farmers market, to be followed by a family bike ride, to be chased by a zoo concert, to be topped with a camping trip. Yahoo! I do love me some summer. Have some of these cherries . . . last of the season.


  1. Open Thread? Should we discuss the value of faith as a sensible alternative to logic and truth? The topic may not hold as much popular interest as the local leivän pään rikollisuuden perhe terrorizing the Fred Meyer parking lot, but it remains a valid talking point.

  2. Hello A Poison, I enjoy your postings as you are usually good for some stimulating conversation: faith vs logic and truth sounds rather boring, however. But I do think it rather telling that you placed "Truth" on the "logic" side of your equation. Probably telling that I would call it an "equation," as well. Have you watched the Right Hemisphere video aforementioned on this site? I'd be interested in your reaction. But please, in English. Many Trails Home

  3. Leivän pään...A bread headed criminal family? I'm not familiar with that phrase so perhaps my Finnish is too old. Oletko Turusta, A. Poison?

  4. Cvow, my Finnish is probably "newer" than yours and I don't get it either. I understand the words but the combination of them doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe a.poison will explain what (s)he means. Literally it means something like "the family of criminality of the heel end of a bread loaf".


  5. Ah, that translation makes more sense...Leivän pään = "head" of the loaf, not bread headed -- but the saying still doesn't make sense!


  6. Troll here.

    Re; Faith versus Logic and Truth

    There is no versus because the
    brain functions as follows:

    Left brain--logic,scientific

    Right brain--reaction to religion,
    and cannot be

    They are separate and valid
    roles of the brain.

    Life without the right brain
    function would be drab indeed.

    If Jill Taylor's experience is
    valid our right brain use has
    been badly neglected !

  7. hp3, that's hilarious! I think you may be on to something.
    Troll, couldn't agree with you more. I personally am making every effort to "step to the right." MTH

  8. hp3, I believe you have hit the nail right on the head! Well done!

    Troll, now you have me worried as I am definitely a logic, facts, and math person, yet I have never ever associated myself with being to the "left"...it may take some time for me to come to grips with this...:-)

  9. Cvow, you are TOO funny! Left, right, they are just words in the end. It's interesting how we label ourselves, quite willingly, as well as everyone else. SISU

  10. A couple yrs ago, my daughter had an OALC friend over. She was very surprised when her friend didn't know the common stories from the Bible like David and Goliath, Jonah and the Whale etc.. Only creation and Christmas and Easter.
    Anyone know why they aren't taught?


  11. I don't understand Finnish, but based on cvow's literal translation, I think a.poison is trying to say "bun-headed delinquents" (the OALCers are known as "bunners" around BG, based on the stereotype that the women all wear their hair up in "buns").

    Just like hp3 said.

  12. AnotherALCer: In MY experience, the OALC churches I attended thought it best to stick with the "old, familiar places" in the bible and Lastadeaus books. The same passages were spoken on all the time, with little to no mention of the rest of the bible. The sermans usually always started with "we have always been told... taught... this passage means..." or "the understanding has always been..." (which of course it hasnt always been, but I guess as far as they remember or know it has always been)

    They feel so inadequate, so unprepared, so unknowledgable (which they often are - of the scriptures and history) and they often times dont want to be up there preaching (who would, when they cannot read, pray and prepare? Although only those who dont want to be there are considered worthy enough to be up there preaching) -sorry if Im saying things you already know, Im not sure what you are familiar with, and Im mentioning things that I think are relevant to answer your question about why particular stories of biblical history seem to be more common knowledge than others.

    Anyhow, I was also taught that knowledge wont save your soul, so reading the bible was, of course, important, but not really a requirement or neccessary. And pretty much only the preachers or elders were capable of telling you what a passage Really meant, and if you had questions you needed to ask them; they may or may not know based on how familiar they were with the bible (usually not very and they would refer me back to the "old, familiar places" instead. So, not wanting to be wrong, or accused of independant thinking, or misinterpreting a verse, it was indeed better to just stick to the "old, familar places"

    I saw it as a perpetuating cycle of fear and grasping at (or sticking to) the familiar out of this fear. I could be wrong, Im sure, but these ARE MY experiences and thoughts about them.

  13. to cvow:
    informaatiosi Gacklesta (OALC/FALC) kiinnostaisi - miten saan yhteyden?