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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love to Markus

I have hesitated to post about Markus, our cyberpal from Finding a Home For the Journey: Living Gay, out of respect for his privacy as he battles pancreatic cancer. But Markus is in increasing pain, and I think messages, even from strangers, might be a source of diversion and comfort. Please, friends, post encouraging thoughts on his Caring Bridge Journal. (It appears that some members of his former Laestadian community are urging him to "return to the faith." Why they think that is that is the Christian thing to do, rather than offering him simple and unconditional love, is . . . well, all too painfully familiar. WWJD indeed.)

If you read this post, Markus, here's the electronic equivalent of a warm hug, a plate of cookies fresh from the oven, a cold glass of milk, and a view of the ocean. Peace be with you.

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