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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Come With Us to Pajala

Okay, I can't afford it either. But that's what credit is for, and life is short, and this is an opportunity that may not come around again. When will you get to visit "the place where it all started" with others who share your heritage and the reknowned Bengt Pohjanen as tour guide? Never. Unless you come with us this summer. So far, three of us are intending to make the trip. Please consider joining us.


  1. Hi!

    I am trying to get my boyfriend to go up to the show too. He is an ex-llc.

    Have you all been to Finland before? Are you all going to be in Helsinki? I live here. It would be fun to meet up.

  2. I have never been to Finland and would love to visit Savonlinna, where my paternal grandfather was from. I would only have two weeks, though, to squeeze in Stockholm, Uppsula, Kiruna, Helsinki and Savonlinna. Is that too crazy?

    In any case, we should pick a show date to plan around. How about Saturday, July 14 (Bastille Day, which is kind of fitting as the French funded LLL's scientific explorations).

    Is mid-July a bad time for travel in Sweden / Finland?

  3. LLLreader sez: Oh Wow! This would be a wonderful trip. I have been to Finland twice--am thinking about it.

  4. I am one of the few ex FALC's who is a Swede. I was born in Boden Sweden...about 2 hours south of Pajala. I would love to make a trip back but we are looking at probably summer of 2008.

  5. Free,

    You should definitely go to the Savonlinna Opera Festival! It will be going on when you are here.


    People come from all over the world for it, and tickets and accommodations go fast!

    As far as travelling in July, that is when most people have their summer vacation, so things will book up fast and some places may be closed. Of course, tourist places will be hopping.

    btw, I don´t think 2 weeks is crazy for your plan.

    While in Scandanavia, you should look into flights, and not just train, car, or bus travel. Sometimes flights between towns are cheaper than the train. For example, check out Blue1.com and http://www.fc.fi/home/

    Do any of you speak/read Finnish? You could check out this site for comparisons of hotel prices, flights, car rentals, etc.


    To check out train prices in Finland (may have group rates):


    you could also travel by bus or rent a car.

    Stockholm is so beautiful, and I am partial to Helsinki as well. I have never visited the other towns on your list. While in Helsinki, do think about a day trip to Tallinn. The fast boat is only 1.5 hours, so you can go for a day. You can also go by helicopter. Takes 15 minutes but is about 4 times the cost.

    Oh, and think about taking one of the large cruise ships from Stockholm to Helsinki or vice versa. Silja Line or Viking Line. Silja Line is nicer, though more expensive.

    Sorry to bombard you with all this info! I hope it helps!

  6. The last time we were over there, we took Iceland Air, which I think is one of the best airlines to go with. We also took the overnight cruise ship from Stockholm to Finland. You can drive your car on there and its got saunas (of course), a dance floor, bar, etc. Also very scenic.

  7. Free,

    I think I could do July 14.


  8. I hope I'll have a chance to meet you all when you come. I might be able to join you in Pajala, but if not, I hope you'll stop in Helsinki along the way so I can meet you here. :)

    I think two weeks would probably be enough for the itinerary suggested by free2beme. Of course, the more time you have, the more you'll be able to see and the less you'll have to stress, but I think it probably should be possible to do all that in two weeks.

  9. I have always wanted to go, and I have taken a few Finnish lessons, but as a friend used to say "I know enough to get into trouble, but not enough to get out!" I will not be able to come this July as I wll have a new baby right then, but HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! And be sure to tell us all about it when you come back :)

  10. Just a comment on the new setup. I liked when in used to say how many "new" messages since I had last checked in.

  11. Of no use to one Yet absolute bliss to two. The small boy gets it for nothing. The young man has to lie for it. The old man has to buy it. The baby's right, The lover's privilege, The hypocrite's mask. To the young girl, faith; To the married woman, hope; To the old maid, charity. Who am I?

  12. That would be...a kiss?

  13. Another comment on the new blogger changes. Did you turn on encryption by chance?

    Everytime I enter a topic, I get the security message: This site contains both secure and non-secure items. etc...

    Don't know why you would need security... :-)

  14. A funny Finnish link:


  15. Re: Helsinki Complaints Choir

    "my husband only washes his hockey shirts"

    Funny stuff

  16. Free and all,

    I've started a blog and would like everyone to stop by.. It's quite new, but you all are welcome there!

    Free, I don't know how to fix that problem with 'read posts'.. if I come across something I'll let you know..

  17. "my husband only washes his hockey shirts"

    I'm glad he washes those! Some guys don't wash them, and I've felt nauseated when they've been next to me in the locker room. You can almost see the smell!

  18. extoots complaints choir2/04/2007 04:42:00 PM

    Where'd the counter go?

  19. Hey Free, you blocked me! So will respond to hp3 here. I just read thru your (long) 1/29 post and could just FEEL your heartfeltness, your genuineness, your joy in life and delight in a "living" relationship with God. I can relate to your excitement in discovery and knowledge and see this ss the "hand of God" at work in your life. Good work. Many blessings to you, dear one. MTH

  20. Many Trails Home2/06/2007 07:35:00 AM

    hp3, this is so funny! I'm on a different computer and the thing acted up when I tried to post my name, so you get me as "Ma" instead! Well, I feel as if I could be your mother, your "spiritual" mother, so there you go, girl. Will ask my "guardian angels" to send many blessings your way! MTH

  21. Trails, can I call you Ma too?


  22. cvow, can I call you c-pow?

  23. MTH and the many others here: I am truly honored to, and do, consider each of you to be a part of "my spiritual family" I have grown so much as I have spent time here listening (reading) everyones heartfelt and unique experiences, thoughts, feelings etc. Not to be the same or different, but to learn. Even though I cant keep each of you strait (who is who and what stories or opinions go with each) I feel we are one big family, each with a living role of supporting each other and the whole body. Kind of like Christ said eh? :)