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Monday, March 20, 2006

FinnFest and Delurk

Dear readers, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this conversation we're having. I would love to meet you in person if you can make it to Astoria, Oregon in July for FinnFest. Follow the link above to the official site. The dates are July 26-30. If you can't make it for the whole weekend, perhaps we can plan a picnic at a local park for Saturday afternoon. Let me know your thoughts.

And hey, all you lurkers who haven't posted before: please delurk just to say hi. Suggest a topic if you'd like. There is no guarantee we will stick to the subject, but that's the fun of it.


  1. Post lost on following site
    so will try here.

    Re; Loose ends
    I like MTH's descripion of posts
    on this blog and is why I like
    it. viz.Loose Ends.

    Nothing is as boring as sitting
    in church and Bible class for
    years and listening to the same
    line repeatedly with very little
    challenge and no opposing view-

    The story of my life to this
    point is not to come to any
    definite conclusions about
    anything includung religion.

    The world of knowledge, science
    and discovery continues to
    change rapidly .

    For example:
    If life or evidence of life is
    found on Mars or other planets
    what effect will that have on
    your belief.

  2. Hello,

    This is a great blog. Keep up the good work!

  3. Some additional thoughts on
    the above ( life on other worlds)

    PBS had a 2 hour program last
    night on the subject.

    Some facts and conjectures:

    One of the moons of Jupiter looks
    like a good candidate as it is
    covered with ice, water being
    essential for life.

    If life is discovered outside of
    the earth , the implications are
    huge !

    Where the beginnings of life
    brought to earth through
    meteorites or comets?

    It also means that life, some
    intelligent. could also be
    possible on some of the millions
    or billions of other planets in
    the universe.

    My comments:
    If intelligent they could also be
    in various stages of development
    including religous beliefs if

    ET call earth!

    P.S.You literalists out there.
    Look through the telescope
    already !

    Galileo could not get the
    church fathers to even look
    through his telescope. I
    guess they feared they might
    see something to make them
    doubt thier beliefs.