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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Last Friday night our pastor invited the congregation to watch a movie together. It was a first. We rigged up a projector in a meeting room, ordered in pizza, dimmed the lights, and started with a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Then we watched "Millions," a movie that I can't recommend highly enough. It features two brothers who are made suddenly rich. One wants to live large, the other wants to give to the poor. Witty, magical, tense, lyrical, thought-provoking . . . this is a film I won't easily forget.

What would you do with a sudden windfall? I read recently that in America, once a person's annual income passes the $50k mark, he/she is no more likely to be happy with any increase in income.

If you've seen the movie, let me know what you think.

(To keep this related in some way to Laestadianism, let me add that it was a thrill to watch movies in a church.)


  1. LLLreader: I will be gone for the next few months, and will miss this blog. A million bucks--hmmmm. I would make a public offer to any 18 year old who grew up in any of the Apostolic churches for a college education--no strings attached. God bless all of you--in and out of the church.

  2. And I'll miss you, LLLR. Check in when you return.